612 7th Ave West, Lisbon
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612 7th Ave West, Lisbon, ND

To rent the Expo Center call:
      Paulette Laudert (701) 683-5079
For Junior Point show information call:
      Todd Anderson    (701) 427-5883

Fair Booth Reservations & Sponsorship call:
       Robbi Hopkins     (701) 683-4218

Fair Office phone number 701-683-5075
The office is not staffed on a regular basis during the year. 

Elected Board Members

Tom Nord                           President                                            (701) 437-2557
Dan Bear                           Vice President                                    (701) 683-3262
Robbi Hopkins                   Secretary                                             (701) 683-4218

Michelle Altman                 Treasurer                                            (701) 437-3430

Stacey Spadgenske          Secretary/Treasurer Assistant         (701) 882-3359

Paulette Laudert                Expo & Grounds Manager                 (701) 683-5079
Mark Aabrekke                                                                               (701) 683-3114
Todd Anderson                                                                               (701) 427-5883

Julie Barker                                                                                     (701) 683-2306

Kenny Coleman                                                                              (701) 683-3177
Jonathon Dick                                                                                 (701) 308-0684

Sebastian Ertelt

board meetings


Monthly Meetings
The Ransom County Fair Association meets every 2nd Monday of the month.  November-March meetings are at 7 p.m.; April-October meetings are at 8 p.m.  All meetings are held in the office of the Ransom County Expo Center.

Annual Meeting
The annual meeting is held on the 2nd Monday in November and is held in the same place as the regular monthly meetings.

For information about a meeting or to be put on the agenda, please contact the secretary.